I made this project for Radialight. The request was to create a interactive tool that would show features and functions of an electric radiator called Plano, produced by Radialight.
The tool consist of a 3D interactive model of Plano, which can be explored and navigated by the user and provide informations about his functions.

The model is freely explorable: by left-clicking and dragging with the mouse, you can rotate Plano. Right-clicking and dragging allows you to zoom or unzoom on it. By left-clicking on a little part of Plano (a lever or a button), an animation activates and shows how it works, while a short text shows related informations.

The tool can be published as Java applet format. It works well on PCs, it is just required to have Java installed and an updated browser. The applet format allows the presentation to be small-sized and to run quickly on the browsers.