An academic computer graphics project developed at Politecnico di Milano. After having choose an existing ambient, the request was to realize a virtual 3D environment of the ambient itself and to create some outputs (rendered images, 3D anaglyphs and video animations). I chose an old-style living room, with typical Fifties-style furnishings, sofa and armchairs, with a dominant red/rose hue, pale colors on the walls and vivid colors on the furnishings. It has been nicknamed “The merry wives’ room”.
First I created a complete 3D wireframe model of the room, included furnishings and various objects. The second step was to assign properties, materials and textures to each surface and object. Than I set up lights (natural and artificial lights) and cameras for the animations.

Output images includes: photos of the real room, 3D renderings, 3D anaglyphs, stereo photos and animations. (To correctly watch the stereoscopic anaglyphs and photos, I recommend to use the red-cyan glasses.)


3D modeling, rendering, anaglyphs and overview animation by Andrea Bianchi, Alessio Casero & Delia Degasperi.
Lights animation and bouncing ball animation by Alessio Casero.